Project FPTD


A violent first person tower defense game


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Project FPTD is a first person tower defense game in which the players have to make sure that different waves of mutant animals don't escape your attacks. To do so, not only will you have to place different types of towers in their path, but also use your machine gun.

The players can build different types of towers. Giant machine guns, bombers, flame throwers, and others will help you keep the animals in line. However, in order to construct them you will have to spend the money that you get killing those very mutant animals.

As often is the case in tower defense games, your enemies will come in waves. At first, there will be simple waves of mutant pigs or cows, but it won't take long to see how they create defensive shields or work together to make things more difficult.

Even though Project FPTD players can control one of the turrets directly, you can also move freely around the map, shooting your machine gun at all of your enemies.

Project FPTD is a good combination of the FPS and Tower Defense genres, which offers a crazy approach and a very fun gameplay. In addition, it has great graphics.
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